Monday, January 4, 2010



pencil on handmade paper
[Not For Sale]

Spent a month on this 18x24" portrait of an ex-gf and fellow artist. Friends would come by daily to check on the progress. I used handmade French paper ($5 a sheet in 1970 and more durable like cloth) so I could I erase and redraw as often as needed. I did one eye six times and the mouth four times before getting it all right. Since it's my best portrait (of over 500 I've done), I've never been able to part with it.


nina kuriloff said...

this looks like a very lovely drawing!

The Totton Linnet said...

It captures feminimity somehow, it's a female look

DY said...

Wow..the eyes of this women so alive ! Good Capture and drawing. Congratulation :)

DY said...

Wow...Her eyes so alive..
Nice Capture and drawing !

Good Luck :)

The Minimalist said...

Thanks for stopping by my sites! And thanks for the reviews! My husband and I are a couple of old rock lovers too. My jewelry site has been really neglected because I took on a long term substitute assignment teaching second grade until June 18th. After that I'm back to painting and making jewelry and of course blogging. You are a great artist! Maureen

Jose Sinclair said...

Thanks to all! this portrait took SIX weeks! I had to use handmde French paper in order to keep erasing over and over, did one eye SIX times, the mouth FOUR times - you can't get it right the first time

"Artists do it over and over til they get it right" -- similar to Groundhog Day!

ps - Maureen, another artist, was an ex who then married a filmmaker..

the EYES are the secret to portraits! - Jose

The Missing Dreamer said...

Exactly! The eyes are what makes this portrait absolutely breath-taking! It's so mesmerizing you almost have to peel away your eyes to stop looking at it!

Jose Sinclair said...

If you're in a big museum, like MOMA in NYC, check out any John Singer Sargent portrait.. you'll see them from a distance, they'll hit you.. then walk up close, they become quick splashes of heavy brushstrokes, yet everything's perfect..