Sunday, March 10, 2013

[acrylic on masonite]

I was in the middle of working on this in the UGA art studio, when Bill Paul, 
director of the Ga Museum of Art, came in - I was sitting in a chair
looking at it, and he asked who did it - I said "I don't know, I was 
just admiring it" - he said it was the best painting he'd seen in the 
student studio in five years, so I admitted I was working on it.
He said "don't work anymore, it's done" - the tan stripes were
masking tape still on the masonite surface, so I removed them and
painted them on and stopped work.. he had no idea it was my
work because it wasn't like anything else I'd done, my work
had organic forms and was usually much more complex

Machine: Odyssey Drypoint Etching

Machine: Odyssey (variation IV)
[Drypoint etching, artist's proof]

A sketch based on a painting by Raphael became this drypoint
etching which in turn became a 5x7 foot wall painting

Jane McGowen as Greta Garbo

Jane McGowen as Greta Garbo
[pencil on paper]

My girlfriend at the time looked enough like Garbo
to give me the idea for this combination portrait

Test Pattern

Test Pattern
[pencil on watercolor paper]

This was intended to be a watercolor painting, but
I never went back and painted over the drawing

Street People II

Street People II, Athens, Ga.
[ink on paper]

When I talked to these guys, they had the same story:
Lost their job, the wife left with the kids,
they were now homeless and penniless
This was an era well before "corporate outsourcing"
of American jobs to Asia, and massive layoffs,
short-term profits for long-term destruction
of the nation

Tree Bark

Tree Bark
[watercolor on gray paper]

Pharmacy Building Glass Repair

U of Ga Pharmacy Building Glass Repair
[pencil on paper]

Someone doing demolition on the street below with dynamite
managed to blow out all the windows in this facing corridor of
the Univ. of Georgia's pharmacy building - the entire corridor 
was filled with thick, heavy glass shards when we got there

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sunset on Monterey Bay

Sunset on Monterey Bay
[oil pastel on paper]

Private Collection

Friday, March 8, 2013

Machine XXII: Temple

Machine XXII: Temple

[acrylic on canvas]
Private Collection

Fisherman's Wharf Boats

Fisherman's Wharf Boats, San Francisco

[pastel on brown paper]
from a photograph by Charlton D. McMillan