Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wm. Jose Sinclair : Artwork

This post originally introduced my artwork, and I included a batch of works in one post. I've since reposted them individually so they can be easier referenced and the site will load faster.

I kept this post here because of the comments, I didn't want to lose those.
Thanks to all who posted comments or sent eMails so far, you've been very nice.

This self-portrait, at age 18, was done overnight when we were assigned to do a 'flat painting' in college, which is impossible. As soon as you put anything down with paint, you create space and destroy the two dimensional aspect of a surface. My solution was to do a painting of a flat object, so to signify that it was flat I used a yearbook proof photograph so the realistic painting was of a flat object. My professor said I solved it intellectually, so he loved it.