Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wm. Jose Sinclair : Artwork

This post originally introduced my artwork, and I included a batch of works in one post. I've since reposted them individually so they can be easier referenced and the site will load faster.

I kept this post here because of the comments, I didn't want to lose those.
Thanks to all who posted comments or sent eMails so far, you've been very nice.

This self-portrait, at age 18, was done overnight when we were assigned to do a 'flat painting' in college, which is impossible. As soon as you put anything down with paint, you create space and destroy the two dimensional aspect of a surface. My solution was to do a painting of a flat object, so to signify that it was flat I used a yearbook proof photograph so the realistic painting was of a flat object. My professor said I solved it intellectually, so he loved it.


just an art lover said...

Great stuff!
especially like the eyes on portraits, colors on paintings

Post more!!

Snooty Aunt Cynthia said...

Beautiful and lovely artwork. No, I wouldn't insult you with offering you a paltry amount of money for something that took a long time to create. I am an art lover and while not having lucked out at any yard sales I have been quite lucky at thrift stores. My big find is a mystery painting, quite macabre. I bought it for 10 bucks because I thought it was this beautiful and restful ( HA! ) painting of an avenue of trees. It turned out that the painting is FULL of ghosts! There is a screaming profile, a ghost rising from a mausoleum, a wolf lurking, ghost here, another ghost there, a crying baby. It is unsigned. So I have no clue who painted it, where the trees are or why the artist painted it. But whomever the artist it, they were a master. It is brilliant.
I paint abstract art and the occasional desert scene ( I live in the desert after almost 2 decades in Hollywood ). But my real passion is writing so I try to paint a picture with my pen and paper.
I have no cats ( my last spoiled furry monster died ) on me in 2001 after 14 years of pure indulgence ). I maybe it was the maple bars ).I like your blog and enjoy your art.

The Totton Linnet said...

I sincerely hope your work comes to a wider recognition, the portaits are wonderful

Jose Sinclair said...

Thanks, art lovers!
Eyes are the key to portraits, in my opinion; in fact, the rest can become secondary and almost irrelevant if the eyes work. The cool thing with portraits: everyone has the same items, they're just different shapes and no one is totally symmetrical anyway, you have to capture the little imperfections.
..and like Vermeer, it helps to use photography, mirrors, projections, whatever you can for accuracy!

I will post more, I need a 35mm slide scanner, I have over 500 on old 35mm slides, not digitized - major bummer!

Thanks again for the nice comments!
..the Jman..

Pierre De Lune said...

I appreciate and I like much your work. You are very diversified and it's interesting. Each picture is different, your universe changes with each image. Thank you very much for this pleasant moment to look at and admire your Art.

nina kuriloff said...

You are very talented!